by Floyd L. Owsley 

The following account is intended to provide circumstantial evidence to support my belief that Amy (Ann) Housley was closely related to the brothers Robert and Joseph Owsley, long believed to be sons of John and Charity (Barton) Owsley, of Claiborne County, Tennessee. This relationship has recently come into question with the omission of their names in what is thought to be the original family bible of John and Charity Owsley revealed at the 2002 Owsley Family Historical Society (OFHS) Annual Meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee and details from which were published in the September 2002 OFHS Newsletter. The existence of Amy Housley has long been known, but no attempt has previously been made to determine if there was any connection with Joseph Owsley (Housley), a contemporary resident of Grainger County, Tennessee. The following represents such an attempt. Amy (Ann) Housley was born ABT 1793 in Tennessee. She married Samuel Gilmore on 18 Sep 1809 in Grainger County, Tenn. Samuel, the son of John Gilmore, was born BET 1780-1790 probably in Georgia and died Feb 1848 in Osage County, Missouri. Amy died BET 1850-1860 probably in Barton County, Missouri. 

Samuel and Amy Housley Gilmore lived in Grainger County from the date of their marriage in 1809, until they moved to Missouri in the late 1830's. They lived in the Indian Ridge area in Grainger Countys 6th District on the north side of the Holston River. Living in the same area were Samuel Ousley, Elizabeth Housley (wife of Joseph Smith) and Joseph Owsley (Ousley, Housley). 

The Samuel Gilmore family was listed in the 1840 census of Gasconade County, Missouri as residents of Crawford Township. They were very close neighbors with the families of William Ousley and John Sevier Branson. William Ousley and Martha Jane Ousley, wife of John Sevier Branson, were children of Joseph and Phoebe (Longmire) Owsley. The family of Emmanuel Owsley, son of Robert Owsley and Nancy Miller, also lived in Crawford Township and were very close neighbors of the Samuel Gilmore family. 

In the 1850 census of Jasper County, Missouri, A. Ann Gilmore was listed as head of household with two children, Phoebe and William. Her husband, as already noted, had died in February 1848. 

Samuel Gilmore was the bondsman at the marriage of John Ousley and Caroline Hinshaw in August of 1832 in Grainger County, Tennessee. John Ousley (Housley) was the son of Joseph and Phoebe (Longmire) Owsley. 

Robert Housley Gilmore, son of Samuel Gilmore and Amy Housley, married Rhoda Branson on 25 June 1841, in Gasconade County, Missouri. Rhoda was a sister of John Sevier Branson who married Martha Jane Ousley, daughter of Joseph and Phoebe (Longmire) Owsley about 1846 in Missouri.David Gilmore, son of Samuel Gilmore and Amy Housley, married Elizabeth Phillips on 16 Aug 1838, in Gasconade County, Missouri. Martha Phillips, sister of Elizabeth Phillips Gilmore, married Martin Owsley, son of Robert and Nancy (Miller) Owsley on 18 Oct 1856, in Osage County, Missouri. 


Mitochondrial DNA tests conducted in 2007 showed that Amy Housley (wife of Samuel Gilmore) and Elizabeth Housley (wife of Joseph Smith) were sisters. The tests also revealed that Amy and Elizabeth were not daughters of Charity Barton, wife of John Owsley. I still consider it a strong possibility that Amy and Elizabeth were daughters of John Owsley. I believe the mother of Amy and Elizabeth (along with their brothers, Joseph and Robert) was a lady who resided in Grainger County, Tennessee. John Owsley was fathering children by this lady, while also fathering children by his wife, Charity Barton. John and Charity lived in neighboring Claiborne County, Tennessee. 

Children of Samuel and Amy (Housley) Gilmore

(I obtained the following information from other Gilmore family researchers, census records, marriage records and other county records. I also corresponded with an Osage County, Missouri historian.)


I.     Mary Gilmore, born ABT 1810 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died BEF 1858 in probably Osage County, Missouri. She married Elnathan Maples, married ABT 1828 in Tennessee, born ABT 1807 in Tennessee, died AFT 1850 in probably Osage County, Missouri.


       A.   Matilda Maples, born ABT 1833 in Tennessee.  She married George Shephard, married 21 SEP 1864 in Osage County, Missouri.


       B.   Lavina Maples, born ABT 1841 in Missouri.  She married Ezekial Cairell.


       C.   Samuel W. Maples, born 1844 in Missouri.  He married Mary Jane Branson, married 27 OCT 1873 in Osage County, Missouri, born 09 MAR 1849, died AFT 1900.


       D.   Thomas Robert Maples, born 05 MAR 1847 in Owen's Mill, Osage County, Missouri, died 04 FEB 1926 in Osage County, Missouri.  He married Hanna Rebecca Mosley, married 29 APR 1869 in Osage County, Missouri, born26 AUG 1853 in Osage County, Missouri, died 10 AUG 1932 in Osage County, Missouri.


       E.   Nancy Jane Maples, born 10 NOV 1849 in Osage County, Missouri, died 27 APR 1918.  She married William West, married 23 AUG 1866 in Osage County, Missouri, born 1846, died 1934.


       F.   James Maples, born ABT 1851 in Osage County, Missouri.  He married Abigail Posey, married 27 AUG 1866 inOsage County, Missouri.


       G.   Jane Maples, born ABT 1855 in Missouri.  She married Hiram Branson, married 10 FEB 1873 in Osage County,Missouri.


II.    John Thomas Gilmore, born ABT 1815 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died 1856 in Barton County, Missouri.  He married Martha Ann Stalsworth, married 23 JUL 1834 in Grainger County, Tennessee, born ABT 1817 in North Carolina, died AFT 1860 in probably Barton County, Missouri.


       A.   James Gilmore, born ABT 1838 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died AFT 1860.


       B.   Robert Marion Gilmore, born ABT 1840 in Grainger County, Tennessee.  He married Ruth Simpson, born ABT1841.


       C.   Elizabeth Gilmore, born ABT 1844 in Missouri.


       D.   John R. Gilmore, born ABT 1846 in Missouri, died AFT 1860.


       E.   Martha Gilmore, born ABT 1849 in Missouri, died AFT 1860.


       F.    Rhoda E. Gilmore, born ABT 1852 in Missouri, died AFT 1870.


III.    David Gilmore, born ABT 1816 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died BEF 1860 in probably Osage County,Missouri.  He married Elizabeth Phillips, married 16 AUG 1838 in Gasconade County, Missouri, born ABT 1821 inMissouri, (daughter of John Phillips and Mary Ann Pointer) died AFT 1880.


       A.   Mary Gilmore, born ABT 1840 in Missouri, died 1878.  She married (1) James Fowler, married 08 SEP 1858 inOsage County, Missouri.  She married (2) Joseph Smith, married 17 SEP 1871 in Osage County, Missouri, born 07 SEP 1818 in Tennessee, (son of Joseph Smith and Elizabeth Housley) died AFT 1880.


             1.    James Fowler, (son of James Fowler and Mary Gilmore) born ABT 1861 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1870.


             2.    Martha Fowler, (daughter of James Fowler and Mary Gilmore) born ABT 1863 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1870.


             3.    Maria Fowler, (daughter of James Fowler and Mary Gilmore) born ABT 1867 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1870.


             4.    Robert F. Smith, (son of Joseph Smith and Mary Gilmore) born ABT 1873 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1880.


             5.    Nancy T. Smith, (daughter of Joseph Smith and Mary Gilmore) born ABT 1876 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1880.


       B.   Orey Gilmore, born ABT 1841 in Missouri, died 1866.  She married William Carter Casey, married 27 JUN 1859.


             1.    William Casey, born ABT 1862 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1870.


             2.    Irene Casey, born ABT 1864 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1870.


       C.   Samuel Gilmore, born 18 NOV 1842 in Osage County, Missouri, died 16 MAY 1894 in Newton County, Missouri. He married (1) Cleopatra Posey, married 12 FEB 1864 in Osage County, Missouri, born 1848 in Georgia, died 1866 in Osage County, Missouri.  He married (2) Samantha Jane Farabee, married 26 APR 1868 in Newton County, Missouri, born 1850 in Ohio, died 1899 in Newton County, Missouri.


       D.   Nancy Gilmore, born ABT 1845 in Missouri.


       E.   Elizabeth Gilmore, born ABT 1847 in Missouri.  She married William Fowler, married 07 AUG 1862 in Osage County, Missouri.


       F.    Emily Gilmore, born ABT 1849 in Missouri.  She married William Roark, married 25 MAR 1866 in Osage County, Missouri.


       G.   John Gilmore, born ABT 1850 in Missouri.  He married Amanda E. Brumbly, married 19 DEC 1872 in Osage County, Missouri.


       H.   Sarah Gilmore, born ABT 1851 in Missouri.  She married Lewis Smith, married 12 DEC 1872 in Osage County,Missouri.


IV.   Robert Housley Gilmore, born ABT 1818 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died AFT 1870.  He married Rhoda Branson, married 25 JUN 1841 in Gasconade County, Missouri, born ABT 1825 in Tennessee, (daughter of Thomas Branson and Susanna Alma McGown) died AFT 1870.


       A.   Nancy Gillmore, born ABT 1842 in Missouri.


       B.   Thomas B. Gillmore, born ABT 1844 in Missouri.


       C.   Samuel Gillmore, born ABT 1847 in Missouri.


       D.   Ann F. Gillmore, born ABT 1849 in Missouri.


       E.   Mary A. Gillmore, born ABT 1852 in Missouri.


       F.    Robert Housley Gillmore, born 04 OCT 1853 in Sheldon, Barton County, Missouri, died 30 OCT 1920.  He married Martha Jane Williams, married 30 JUL 1877 in Newton County, Missouri, born 10 SEP 1857 in Barton County, Missouri, died 03 OCT 1942 in Newton County, Missouri.


             1.    Minda Levesta Gillmore, born 08 JAN 1878.


             2.    Annie Josephine Gillmore, born 17 NOV 1879 in Diamond, Newton County, Missouri, died 04 JAN 1961 inPittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas.


             3.    John Thomas Gillmore, born 02 JAN 1881.


             4.    Maude Jane Gillmore, born 03 OCT 1883.


             5.    William Linza Gillmore, born 21 MAY 1884.


             6.    James Albert Gillmore, born 30 DEC 1885.


             7.    Samuel Marion Gillmore, born 11 NOV 1888.


             8.    Edward Pattison Gillmore, born 18 FEB 1889.


             9.    Andrew Irvin Gillmore, born 04 APR 1892.


             10.  Rhoda Evaline Gillmore, born 21 JAN 1894.


             11.  Richard Franklin Gillmore, born 14 JUL 1896.


       G.   Sarah A. Gillmore, born ABT 1856 in Missouri.


       H.   John Gillmore, born ABT 1859 in Missouri.


       I.     William Gillmore, born ABT 1861 in Missouri.


       J.    Martha Gillmore, born ABT 1865 in Missouri.


V.    Nancy Jane Gilmore, born 27 DEC 1819 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died 1860/63 in Osage County, Missouri. She married Thomas Pointer, married ABT 1836 in Missouri, born 11 OCT 1817 in Missouri, (son of George Pointerand Johanna Tackett) died 1880 in Wright County, Missouri.


       A.   Martha Jane Pointer, born 05 NOV 1837 in Missouri.


       B.   William David Pointer, born 08 MAR 1841 in Missouri.  He married Winna West, married 11 NOV 1860 in Osage County, Missouri, born 22 AUG 1845 in Missouri.


       C.   Johanna Lucinda Pointer, born 18 JUN 1842 in Missouri, died 02 APR 1883 in Wright County, Missouri, buried in Friendship Cemetery, Wright County, Missouri.  She married Elias Tilford Spurgeon, married 08 MAY 1864in Osage County, Missouri, born 20 OCT 1839 in Putnam County, Indiana, died 03 AUG 1906 in Wright County,Missouri, buried in Friendship Cemetery, Wright County, Missouri.


       D.   Ora Elizabeth Pointer, born 25 SEP 1844 in Missouri.


       E.   James Calvin Pointer, born 14 MAY 1850 in Osage County, Missouri.


       F.    Edwin Smith Pointer, born 07 MAR 1852 in Osage County, Missouri, died 18 JAN 1926.  He married Lurena Lathram.


       G.   Mary Ann Pointer, born 28 MAY 1854 in Osage County, Missouri.  She married Samuel Sharp.


       H.   George W. Pointer, born 06 AUG 1856 in Osage County, Missouri.


       I.     John Andrew Pointer, born 17 NOV 1858 in Osage County, Missouri, died 16 APR 1934 in Baxter County,Arkansas.  He married Louise Mary Due, married 07 FEB 1887 in Marion County, Arkansas, born 04 MAR 1865in Independence County, Arkansas, died 07 MAR 1928 in Baxter County, Arkansas, buried in Cotter Cemetery,Baxter County, arkansas.


VI.   James M. P. Gilmore, born JAN 1823 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died ABT 1905.  He married (1) Rebecca Mary Wooten, married 05 AUG 1845 in Morgan County, Missouri, born ABT 1825 in Missouri, died AFT 1870.  He married (2) Sarah Sackston, married 25 JUL 1852 in Lawrence County, Missouri.  He married (3) Rebecca Simpson Archer, married 26 APR 1860 in Vernon County, Missouri, born ABT 1824, died 07 JAN 1900 in Vernon County, Missouri.


       A.   Mary Francis Gilmore, (daughter of James M. P. Gilmore and Rebecca Mary Wooten) born ABT 1847 in Osage County, Missouri.  She married John Capehart.


       B.   George D. Gilmore, (son of James M. P. Gilmore and Rebecca Mary Wooten) born ABT 1848 in Lawrence County, Missouri.


       C.   Louisa Gilmore, (daughter of James M. P. Gilmore and Sarah Sackston) born ABT 1852 in Lawrence County,Missouri.


       D.   Martha Ann Gilmore, (daughter of James M. P. Gilmore and Rebecca Simpson Archer) born 04 OCT 1861 inBarton County, Missouri, died 06 APR 1953 in Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, buried in Bluff ChurchCemetery, Barton County, Missouri.  She married John Richard Soloman Greer, married 14 JUL 1878 inVernon County, Missouri, buried in Bluff Church Cemetery, Barton County, Missouri.


       E.   Permelia Ann Gilmore, (daughter of James M. P. Gilmore and Rebecca Simpson Archer) born 04 OCT 1861 inBarton County, Missouri.  She married James L. Davidson, married 02 NOV 1880 in Vernon County, Missouri.


VII.  Phoebe Ann Gilmore, born 10 AUG 1828 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died 26 JAN 1911 in Vernon County,Missouri, buried in Bluff Church Cemetery, Barton County, Missouri.  She married William H. Creamer, married 1857 in Missouri, born ABT 1828 in Kentucky, died 07 MAY 1876 in Barton County, Missouri, buried in Bluff ChurchCemetery, Barton County, Missouri.


       A.   Andrew Creamer, born OCT 1857 in Barton County, Missouri.


       B.   William Harrison Creamer, born 14 MAR 1865 in Barton County, Missouri, died 06 JAN 1942 in Benton County,Arkansas.  He married Melvinia Milinda Ann Pyles, married 05 APR 1895, born 25 AUG 1873 in Coal Hill,Arkansas, died 25 AUG 1940 in Benton County, Arkansas.


VIII. William Gilmore, born ABT 1830 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died AFT 1850.



GENERATION #3: John Owsley and Charity Barton

Idenitfying the Children of John Owsley and Charity Barton