by Floyd L. Owsley



Like the foregoing account, "Who was Amy (Ann) Housley, Wife of Samuel Gilmore?" the following concerns yet another Housley who seems to have a close association with Joseph Housley, reputed son of John and Charity (Barton) Housley. Could Elizabeth (Housley) Smith have been a sister to Amy (Housley) Gilmore? And how were these two women related to Joseph Housley?


Elizabeth Housley was born 17 Jun 1795 in Tennessee and died BET 1860-1864 in Campbell County, Tennessee. She married Joseph Smith on 31 Aug 1811 in Grainger County, Tennessee. He was born 21 Dec 1792 in North Carolina, the son of Thomas and Mary Smith, died 05 Feb 1875 in Campbell County, and was buried there in Bakers Forge Memorial Cemetery.


Joseph and Elizabeth lived in Grainger County, Tennessee, from the time of their marriage in 1811 until the 1830's, when they moved to Campbell County, Tennessee. According to the 1830 census of Grainger County, Tennessee, they lived in or near the town of Cedar Ford, which is now known as Luttrell in Union County, Tennessee. (NOTE: Union County was formed in 1858, from parts of five different counties, including Grainger County.)


Joseph and Elizabeth were listed in the 1840, 1850, and 1860 censuses of Campbell County, Tennessee. They were very close neighbors of Joseph Owsley and Phoebe Longmire in the Sugar Hollow/Cedar Creek area of Campbell County, Tennessee. Joseph Smith's name can be found in the records of the Powell River Baptist Church.


Dr. George L. Ridenour, a well-known Campbell County, Tennessee historian, wrote in 1941 about Joseph Smith in his book The Land of the Lake. In his book, he said Joseph Smith was a soldier in the War of 1812. "During the war, Joseph Smith followed the river for several years. He was on a flatboat near New Madrid, Missouri, during the earthquake in 1811 that formed Reelfoot Lake in West Tennessee. He and Joseph Atwill of Kentucky both lost their boats, but escaped with their lives by clinging to driftwood." Also in his book, Dr. Ridenour presented the names of Joseph Smith's children and other information, which he said came from the Joseph Smith family Bible. He wrote that four daughters of Joseph Smith were buried at the Bakers Forge Cemetery. They were named as follows: (1) Elizabeth Smith, wife of James Riggs, (2) Hannah Smith, wife of John E. Wilson, (3) Millie Smith, wife of Thomas Chapman and (4) Martha Eleanor Smith, wife of George W. Riggs.


Joseph Smith and his second wife, Sarah Cox Wilson, were buried at the Bakers Forge Cemetery in Sugar Hollow. Their graves were later moved to the new Bakers Forge Memorial Cemetery when the TVA built Norris Dam. (Note: It seems probable that Elizabeth Housley Smith was also buried at the Bakers Forge Cemetery without a gravestone.) John Housley and Robert Housley, sons of Joseph Owsley and Phoebe Longmire, were also buried in the Bakers Forge Cemetery.



Mitochondrial DNA tests conducted in 2007 showed that Elizabeth Housley (wife of Joseph Smith) and Amy Housley (wife of Samuel Gilmore) were sisters. The tests also revealed that Elizabeth and Amy were not daughters of Charity Barton, wife of John Owsley. I still consider it a strong possibility that Elizabeth and Amy were daughters of John Owsley. I believe the mother of Elizabeth and Amy (along with their brothers, Joseph and Robert) was a lady who resided in Grainger County, Tennessee. John Owsley was fathering children by this lady, while also fathering children by his wife, Charity Barton. John and Charity lived in neighboring Claiborne County, Tennessee.



Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Housley) Smith

Most of the following information was obtained from Dr. Ridenours, the Land of the Lake. In the book, Dr. Ridenour said he received information from the Bible record of Joseph Smith. I also obtained information from census, marriage and other county records.


I.     Thomas Smith, born 03 DEC 1812 in Tennessee.


II.    John Smith, born 26 FEB 1815 in Tennessee, died 21 APR 1815 in Tennessee.


III.    Mary Smith, born 28 APR 1816 in Tennessee, died AFT 1880 in probably Union County, Tennessee.  She married (1) Armstead Cox, married 1838 in Tennessee, born 1810/20, died BEF 1850 in Campbell County, Tennessee.  She married (2) Hiram Johnson, married 10 MAR 1854 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1814, died AFT 1880 in probably Union County, Tennessee.


       A.   Joseph Smith Cox, (son of Armstead Cox and Mary Smith) born 1839 in Tennessee, died 10 MAR 1865 in Wise's Fork, Lenoir County, North Carolina.  He married Mary Elizabeth Witt, married 24 DEC 1857 inCampbell County, Tennessee, born JAN 1840 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 09 FEB 1922 in Portageville, New Madrid County, Missouri.


             1.    Sarah Ann Cox, born ABT 1859 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


             2.    Mary Elizabeth Cox, born 31 AUG 1862, died 27 DEC 1890 in Mt. Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois.  She married Joseph Reuben McRaven, married ABT 1879 in Illinois, born 18 AUG 1854 in Illinois.


       B.   Mary Ann Cox, (daughter of Armstead Cox and Mary Smith) born 1841 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


       C.   William Cox, (son of Armstead Cox and Mary Smith) born 1843 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1865.


       D.   Abel K. Cox, (son of Armstead Cox and Mary Smith) born 1846 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1865.


       E.   Elizabeth Johnson, (daughter of Hiram Johnson and Mary Smith) born ABT 1856 in Campbell County,Tennessee, died AFT 1880.


IV.   Joseph Smith, born 07 SEP 1818 in Tennessee, died AFT 1880.  He married (1) Nancy Baker, married 14 JUN 1840 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1817 in Tennessee, died AFT 1860.  He married (2) Arorah F. ________, married ABT 1866 in Missouri, born ABT 1838 in Missouri.  He married (3) Mary Gilmore, married 17 SEP 1871 inOsage County, Missouri, born ABT 1840 in Missouri, (daughter of David Gilmore and Elizabeth Phillips) died 1878. He married (4) Delilah Owens, married 27 FEB 1879 in Osage County, Missouri, born ABT 1839 in Missouri, died 1906.


       A.   Thomas Smith, (son of Joseph Smith and Nancy Baker) born ABT 1842 in Missouri, died AFT 1860.


       B.   Elizabeth Smith, (daughter of Joseph Smith and Nancy Baker) born ABT 1846 in Missouri, died AFT 1870.


       C.   Joseph Louis Smith, (son of Joseph Smith and Nancy Baker) born 24 DEC 1847 in Platte County, Missouri, died27 MAR 1936 in Washington.  He married Sarah Katherine Lamar, married 18 JAN 1876 in Platte County,Missouri, born 02 MAY 1855 in Platte County, Missouri, died 20 NOV 1937.


       D.   Bowling Smith, (son of Joseph Smith and Nancy Baker) born JAN 1857 in Missouri, died AFT 1930.  He marriedMary I. Owens, married ABT 1892 in Missouri, born NOV 1875 in Missouri, died AFT 1920.


             1.    Marse L. Smith, born JUN 1894 in Osage County, Missouri.


             2.    Sylvia Smith, born SEP 1898 in Osage County, Missouri.


             3.    Paul Smith, born ABT 1903 in Osage County, Missouri.


             4.    Rudolph Smith, born ABT 1907 in Osage County, Missouri.


             5.    Wilfred Smith, born ABT 1911 in Missouri.


       E.   Nellie F. Smith, (daughter of Joseph Smith and Arorah F. ________) born ABT 1867 in Missouri, died AFT 1880.


       F.    Robert F. Smith, (son of Joseph Smith and Mary Gilmore) born ABT 1873 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1880.


       G.   Nancy T. Smith, (daughter of Joseph Smith and Mary Gilmore) born ABT 1876 in Osage County, Missouri, died AFT 1880.


V.    Archelaus Smith, born 25 JUN 1823 in Tennessee.


VI.   Elizabeth Smith, born 08 DEC 1825 in Tennessee, died AFT 1870.  She married James Riggs, married 06 JAN 1844 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1822 in Tennessee, died AFT 1870.


       A.   Thomas M. Riggs, born ABT 1848 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1880.  He married Elizabeth Bailey, married 03 AUG 1870 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1852 in Tennessee, died AFT 1880.


             1.    Joseph Riggs, born ABT 1872 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


             2.    William Riggs, born ABT 1877 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


             3.    John Riggs, born ABT 1879 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


       B.   Hannah Riggs, born ABT 1853 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1880.  She married Thomas A. Smith, married 03 SEP 1875 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1854 in Tennessee, died AFT 1880.


       C.   Joseph Riggs, born ABT 1854 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1880.  He married Mariah ________, born ABT 1857 in Tennessee.


       D.   William Riggs, born ABT 1855 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1870.


       E.   Elizabeth Riggs, born ABT 1858 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1870.


VII.  Hannah Smith, born 25 MAR 1828 in Tennessee, died AFT 1880 in probably Campbell County, Tennessee.  She married John E. Wilson, married 25 APR 1849 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1830 in Tennessee, died AFT 1880 in probably Campbell County, Tennessee.


       A.   Mary E. Wilson, born ABT 1852 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1870.


       B.   Clara E. Wilson, born ABT 1855 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1880.


VIII. Robert H. Smith, born 15 DEC 1830 in Grainger County, Tennessee, died 17 MAY 1907 in Clay County, Indiana, buried in Bee Ridge Cemetery, Clay County, Indiana.  He married (1) Martha Jane (Jennie) Chapman, married 13MAR 1849 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1832 in Tennessee, died 08 SEP 1871 in Vigo County, Indiana, buried in Bee Ridge Cemetery, Clay County, Indiana.  He married (2) Mahala E. Richter, married 23 DEC 1875 in Indiana, born JUN 1848 in Indiana, died APR 1921.


       A.   Leonard H. Smith, (son of Robert H. Smith and Mahala E. Reister) born NOV 1876 in Indiana, died DEC 1940. He married Thersa M. ________, married ABT 1897, born OCT 1878 in Indiana, died NOV 1948.


             1.    Emma Smith, born APR 1898 in Indiana.


             2.    Joseph D. Smith, born ABT 1899 in Indiana.  He married Leota ________, married ABT 1919, born 17 MAR1901 in Indiana, died JAN 1982 in Vigo County, Indiana.


             3.    Everett Smith, born ABT 1901 in Indiana.


             4.    Franklin R. Smith, born ABT 1903 in Indiana.


             5.    Olive N. Smith, born ABT 1907 in Indiana.


             6.    Robert W. Smith, born ABT 1909 in Indiana.


             7.    Lois Ethel Smith, born ABT 1917 in Indiana.


       B.   Yeura L. Smith, (daughter of Robert H. Smith and Mahala E. Reister) born MAR 1880 in Indiana, died BET1910-1920, buried in Harpold Cemetery, Vigo County, Indiana.  She married Frederick E. Hermeling, marriedABT 1898, born APR 1875 in Indiana, died NOV 1941, buried in Harpold Cemetery, Vigo County, Indiana.


             1.    Charles Hermeling, born ABT 1906 in Indiana, died MAY 1964 in Vigo County, Indiana, buried in HarpoldCemetery, Vigo County, Indiana.


IX.   Millie Ann Smith, born 24 AUG 1834 in Tennessee, died AFT 1880 in probably Campbell County, Tennessee.  She married Thomas Chapman, married 02 OCT 1851 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1819 in Virginia, died AFT 1880 in probably Campbell County, Tennessee.


       A.   Nancy J. Chapman, born ABT 1853 in Campbell County, Tennessee.  She married Franklin Bailey, married 14 FEB 1870 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1848 in Tennessee.


       B.   Mary Ann Chapman, born ABT 1856 in Indiana.  She married Marcus B. Rosier, married 25 DEC 1872 inCampbell County, Tennessee.


       C.   Emily Chapman, born ABT 1859 in Indiana, died AFT 1880.


       D.   Barbara Chapman, born ABT 1863 in Indiana.  She married Brownlow Glenn, married 19 AUG 1882 inCampbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1857 in Tennessee.


       E.   Hannah Chapman, born ABT 1866 in Indiana.  She married Arch Chapman, married 22 FEB 1889 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born ABT 1864 in Tennessee.


       F.    William Chapman, born ABT 1868 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1880.


       G.   Sarah Chapman, born ABT 1872 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1880.


       H.   John Chapman, born ABT 1877 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died AFT 1880.


X.    William M. Smith, born 25 SEP 1837 in Tennessee, died AFT 1865.  He married Frances (Fannie) Arthur, born ABT1841 in Tennessee, died AFT 1860.


       A.   Robert H. Smith, born ABT 1858 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died BET 1910-1920 in probably Vigo County,Indiana.  He married Cinderella ________, married ABT 1907, born ABT 1860 in Illinois, died OCT 1931 in probably Vigo County, Indiana.


       B.   William J. Smith, born MAY 1860 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died MAY 1919 in probably Vigo County,Indiana.  He married Mary Louise Hayworth, married 10 APR 1888 in Vigo County, Indiana, born AUG 1872 inIndiana, died SEP 1949 in probably Vigo County, Indiana.


             1.    Della M. Smith, born APR 1889 in Indiana.


             2.    Grace E. Smith, born JUL 1890 in Indiana.


             3.    Eva M. Smith, born MAY 1893 in Indiana.


             4.    Nicholas Clinton Smith, born MAR 1897 in Indiana, died SEP 1936.


             5.    Perley A. Smith, born 02 MAR 1902 in Indiana, died FEB 1969 in Vigo County, Indiana.


XI.   Martha Eleanor Smith, born 26 DEC 1839 in Tennessee, died 27 JUL 1923 in Campbell County, Tennessee, buried in Bakers Forge Memorial Cemetery, Campbell County, Tennessee.  She married George Washington Riggs, born09 AUG 1835 in Tennessee, (son of Thomas Riggs and Millie _____) died ABT 1907 in Campbell County, Tennessee, buried in Bakers Forge Memorial Cemetery, Campbell County, Tennessee.


       A.   Thomas Jefferson Riggs, born 12 AUG 1860 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 01 SEP 1944.  He marriedMartha Love McGraw, married 15 NOV 1888 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


       B.   Millie Riggs, born 25 SEP 1862 in Brazil, Clay County, Indiana, died 12 JAN 1945.  She married Elisha Parker, married 23 OCT 1881 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


       C.   William Sherman Riggs, born 11 MAR 1865 in Brazil, Clay County, Indiana, died 11 SEP 1940 in Douglas County, Missouri, buried in Clifty Hall Cemetery, Douglas County, Missouri.  He married Sarah Elizabeth (Sadie) Housley, married 19 OCT 1885 in Campbell County, Tennessee, born 13 FEB 1871 in Campbell County,Tennessee, (daughter of Thomas Housley and Minerva McGraw) died 23 SEP 1908 in Douglas County, Missouri, buried in Clifty Hall Cemetery, Douglas County, Missouri.


             1.    John Franklin Riggs, born 30 NOV 1886 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 30 NOV 1953 in Campbell County, Tennessee, buried in Peabody Cemetery, Campbell County, Tennessee.


             2.    Leola Lane Riggs, born 22 APR 1889 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 15 DEC 1918.


             3.    Martha Jane Riggs, born 29 AUG 1891, died 1960.


             4.    Joseph Edward Riggs, born 10 JAN 1894 in Douglas County, Missouri, died 17 JUN 1904 in Douglas County, Missouri, buried in Clifty Hall Cemetery, Douglas County, Missouri.


             5.    Elbert Lloyd Riggs, born 02 FEB 1896 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 02 NOV 1959 in Douglas County, Missouri, buried in Clifty Hall Cemetery, Douglas County, Missouri.  He married Lillieh Chloe Housley, born 26 APR 1902 in Douglas County, Missouri, (daughter of Pleasant Housley and Eliza Ann Williams) died 16 JUN 1944 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, buried in Clifty Hall Cemetery, Douglas County, Missouri.


             6.    Thomas Leonard Riggs, born 20 SEP 1898 in Douglas County, Missouri, died 09 AUG 1967 in Wright County, Missouri, buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Wright County, Missouri.  He married Ella Zelma Walker, married 17 MAR 1932 in Missouri, born 09 DEC 1910 in Ozark County, Missouri, (daughter of Benjamin Ira Walker and Martha Maleta Nance) died 28 MAR 1994 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.                                


             7.    Maynard Hubbard Riggs, born 09 FEB 1901 in Douglas County, Missouri, died 21 JAN 1985.


             8.    Noble Washington Riggs, born 08 MAY 1903, died 15 MAY 1985 in Douglas County, Missouri.


             9.    William Ernest Riggs, born 04 MAY 1905, died 08 JAN 1984.


       D.   Joseph Smith Riggs, born 28 MAR 1867 in Brazil, Clay County, Indiana, died 01 MAR 1946.  He marriedIsabelle McCulley, married 13 OCT 1888 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


       E.   Mary Elizabeth Riggs, born 11 JUL 1869 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 19 SEP 1894.  She marriedJoseph Thomas, married 26 MAR 1893 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


       F.    Nancy Ellen Riggs, born 06 OCT 1872 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 16 JUL 1944.  She married (1)Godfrey D. McNeeley, married 15 JAN 1888 in Campbell County, Tennessee.  She married (2) William Monroe Parker, married 28 JUN 1904 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


       G.   Eliza Jane Riggs, born 03 AUG 1875 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 26 MAY 1955.  She married Charlie Farmer, married 13 DEC 1893 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


       H.   John Wesley Riggs, born 20 JUL 1878 in Campbell County, Tennessee, died 03 APR 1950.  He married Caroline McCulley, married 05 NOV 1899 in Campbell County, Tennessee.


Monument - Joseph Smith

Bakers Forge Memorial Cemetery

Campbell County, Tennessee  


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