GENERATION D: John Owsley and Dorothea Poyntz

John Owsley born 1630, Somerset County, England, baptised 12-Dec-1630, Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset County, England, married ABT 1650, in England, Dorothea Poyntz, born 1632, England, (daughter of Newdigate Poyntz and Sarah Foxley) died 2-Aug-1705, Glooston, Leicestershire County, England, buried: Glooston, Glooston, Leicestershire, England. John died 25-Dec-1687, Glooston, Leicestershire County, England, buried: Glooston, Leicestershire County, England.  

John Owsley first served a Clerk of the Whittlebury Church at Northamptonshire. He was appointed rector of the Stoke-Coursey parish at Somersetshire in 1652 during Cromwell's reign under the Commonwealth serving until 1660. After the Restoration, John was appointed Rector of the Glooston Church in Leicestershire where he served for the remainder of his life. He and his wife are buried at the Glooston Church. 

Inside the Glooston Church, tombstones can be found that read as follows: "Here lieth the body of John Owsley who was Rector of this parish for 28 years. He departed this life December 25th, 1687." "Here lieth the bodies of John and Dorothea Owsley, who had twelve children, the latter buried August 2nd, 1705." In the porch wall is found the following inscription: "All you that here pass by, As you are now, so once was I; But as I am, so must you be, Therefore prepare to follow me."  

Dorothea's father, Newdigate Poyntz, was slain in the service of the King at Gainsborough on August 5, 1643 while fighting for the Royal cause against Cromwell's forces.  


I. Sarah Owsley born 8-Mar-1651, Whittlebury, Northamptonshire County, England.  

II. John Owsley born 06-Mar-1654, Stogursey, Somersetshire (Somerset County), England. John died at college. 

III. William Owsley born 9-Apr-1656, Stogursey, Somersetshire (Somerset County), England. William died at college. 

IV. Thomas Owsley born 11-Jun-1658, Stogursey, Somersetshire (Somerset County), England, married Ann Harris, (daughter of William Harris). Thomas died 10-Oct-1700, Stafford County, Virginia. 

Thomas came to America from England around 1677. Thomas was involved in the trading industry which required traveling back and forth from Lyme Regis, England and the colony of Virginia in America. In 1679, young Thomas was captured from his ship by Algerian pirates (probably European outlaws). Thomas was released after his ransom was paid by the residents of the Glooston parish where his father was rector of the church.  

Thomas eventually settled in the American colonies where he became a prominent citizen and land owner in Stafford County, Virginia. He served as County Clerk and Sheriff in Stafford County. He was a member of the House of Burgesses and served as Captain of Rangers on the Stafford frontier.  

Thomas Owsley owned vast amounts of land in northern Virginia including his large plantation at the present site of Fort Belvoir in Stafford County. It is recorded in old Virginia records that Owsley's plantation was attacked by Indians in May of 1692. A negro woman slave was killed in the attack. Thomas was away from home. Upon his arrival, he and his Pisscataway Indian friend immediately pursued the attackers. Thomas returned home that night while the others continued their pursuit.  

Thomas' wife, Ann Harris, was the daughter of William Harris, who was a prominent citizen in Virginia. After Thomas died in 1700, Ann later married John West. Ann's third husband was John Wheeler.  

V. Newdigate Owsley born 1660, Benefield, Northamptonshire County, England, married (1) 29-Nov-1684, Elizabeth Jones, married (2) Edith Yates. Newdigate died 23-Oct-1714, England.  

VI. Edith Owsley born 14-Dec-1662, Glooston, Leicestershire County, England, married William Owsley, born 1662, (son of William Owsley and Sarah West) died 15-Sep-1733, Glooston, Leicestershire, England. Edith died 2-Aug-1714, England. William was the son of William Owsley and Sarah West. William was appointed Rector of the Glooston Church after the death of his father in law, John Owsley in 1687.  

VII. Henry Owsley born ABT 1664. Henry died young.  

VIII. Francis Owsley born ABT 1666. Francis presumably died young. 

IX. Poyntz Owsley born 11-Apr-1667, Glooston, Leicestershire County, England, married Mary Dand, born 1671, died 13-Aug-1721. Poyntz died 1-Dec-1731, England.  

X. Charles Owsley born 3-Sep-1669, Glooston, Leicestershire County, England. Charles died in the Army as Captain.  

XI. Mary Owsley born 1-Nov-1671, Glooston, Leicestershire County, England.  

XII. Dorothea Owsley born 23-Dec-1673, Glooston, Leicestershire County, England, married 13-Sep-1698, in St. James, Westminster, Robert Delgardno.


Glooston Church

(Church of St. John the Baptist, Glooston, Leicestershire County, England) 


Pictures by Milancie Adams and Al Tietjen - 9/27/2001  

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