The Will of George Washington Owsley (1860-1924)


The Will of George Washington Owsley (1860-1924)  

I, George W. Owsley, of LaFollette, Campbell County, Tennessee, do make this, my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all former wills by me heretofore made. 

Item 1. It is my desire that my executor, hereinafter named, pay all my just debts out of the cash on hand or in bank belonging to me at the time of my death. 

tem 2. I bequeath to my wife, Mattie Owsley, all my household and kitchen furniture and articles of ornament which are in my residence on Tennessee Avenue in the City of LaFollette, and I further bequeath to my said wife my cow and all poultry on said place. 

Item 3. I devise unto my said wife, Mattie Owsley, my house and lot on the corner of Tennessee Avenue and Chestnut Street in the City of LaFollette, and also my store house on Central Avenue in the said City of LaFollette, which in now occupied by the grocery store of Satterfield and Halstead, which store house adjoins the stores now occupied by the LaFollette Hardware Company and Eli Lawson, for the term of her life, or so long as she shall remain my widow, and upon her death or upon her marriage, then both of the said houses and lots I devise and give to my son, Henry Berry Owsley, and his children who are living at the time of my death. 

Item 4. I devise unto my father-in-law, John Heatherly, for the term of his life, my farm consisting of about 70 acres in Sugar Hollow in Campbell County, Tennessee, which is now in the possession of and occupied by the said John Heatherly, and from and after his death, to my son, Henry Berry Owsley, and his children living at the time of my death. 

Item 5. I bequeath to L. H. Carlock, Trustee, and his successor in Trust, during the minority of my adopted son, Charles LaFayette Owsley, the sum of One Thousand ($1000.00) Dollars, to apply the annual income therefrom towards the maintenance, education or benefit of my said adopted son, and I empower my said Trustee, in his discretion, to apply any part of the capital of said trust fund for the benefit of my said son during his minority in such manner as he may see fit. When my said adopted son shall have attained the age of twenty-one years, my said Trustee shall pay and transfer to him absolutely the said trust fund or so much thereof as shall not have been applied or disposed of for said Charles LaFayette Owsley under the discretionary powers granted said Trustee, and in case said Charles LaFayette Owsley shall die under the age of twenty-one years, or before the said Trust fund money shall have been expended for his benefit, as aforesaid, then so much thereof as shall remain unexpended, shall be paid by said Trustee to my son, Henry Berry Owsley, and his children who are living at the time of my death.  

Item 6. I bequeath to my sister, Sarah Sharp, the wife of W.K. Sharp, the sum of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, and I direct my executor to pay said amount out of the funds on hand or in the bank at the time of my death to her upon my death.  

Item 7. I give and bequeath all the residue and remainder of my personal to my son, Henry Berry Owsley and his children who are living at the time of my death.  

Item 8. I give and devise all the residue and remainder of my real estate of whatever kind and character to my son Henry Berry Owsley for the term of his life, and upon his death, to be divided equally among his children who are then living, or who have died leaving children, my said great-grandchildren to take such part as their parents would have taken if they had not died.  

Item 9. I appoint John Taylor, Of Union County, who was formerly the Justice of the Peace of said County, my executor of this, my will, and in case he shall die in my lifetime or shall decline to act, I appoint, Joseph Housley executor in his place.  

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, the said George W. Owsley, have set my hand and seal to this, my will contained in two sheets of paper, upon each of which I have also written my name at LaFollette in State of Tennessee, this 22nd day of March, 1917.  

Signed, sealed, published and declared by said testator, George W. Owsley, as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who, at his request, in his presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed or names as witnesses, this 22nd day of March, 1917.  

John A. Carr  

Geo. A. Cooper  

 LaFollette, Tenn, 

June 5, 1919  

L. H. Carlock,  

Dear Sir:  I want this change in my will made this way for my Bro. Joe to have the house and lot where he now lives, that is the office you once occupied, then I want the house where Ike Loye lives made to Charles L. Owsley and I want it so he can get possession when he is 21 of course. If he should not live then I want it to go to my wife in her lifetime then at her death I want it and all the other property to go to H.B. Owsley's heirs.  

Yours Truly, 

G.W. Owsley  

Witness: John A. Carr  

Witness: Geo. A. Cooper  

Colo. Springs, Colo., 

26 S. Wahsatch Ave.  

Jan. 25th, 1924  

Know all persons by these writings that I have desided to make this will to be attached and to become a part of my former will. First, I want to gave my adopted son Charles L. Owsley, my house and lot known as the New South Brewing Companys building, located on Tennessee Avenue, LaFollette, Tenn., and a one story brick business house about 25x60 ft. building, after my death I want this to become the property of C. L. Owsley, and I want Mattie Owsley to look after the said property, and use the proceeds as she thinks will be the most advantageous. I want this property to remain C.L. Owsleys his lifetime and then to his heirs if any, and if no heirs then to Berry Owsleys heirs. Now I want Mattie Owsley to control this property as long as she lives and wants to control it, when she cannot, then select who she sees fit, my object is for Charles to always have something to support him. I have one more property located at Britten Heights, Oklahoma, owned by myself and J.P. Heatherly, jointly, this I want to become the property of C.L. Owsley, this can be sold, if possible, but I want Mattie Owsley to see after is same as the LaFollette property in Tennessee. Now in case Charles should have a family then if Mattie so desides he is capbell of looking after it himself then she can put him in charge of it, but I want the LaFollette property to always remain in his or his heirs should he live. I do hope this will be satisfactory to all parties conserned. This January 24, 1924. This will not in afect untill after my death.  Signed this the 24th day of January 1924,  George W. Owsley  Colorado Springs, Colorado  



Personally appeared before me, John A. Carr and Geo. A.Cooper, subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Will, who after being duly sworn deposed and said that they were personally acquainted with in testator who signed and acknowledged the within instrument in their presence, and on the day it bears, date, and that said testator was of sound mind and disposing memory at the time of signing the same, and that the same was signed by them at the request of the testator, and the testator is now dead.  

C. C. Guy, Clk.  

Filed April 16, 1924.  

C.C. Guy, Clerk.