Tribute to Frankie Marie Owsley






Frankie Marie Owsley
(July 31, 1932 to December 7, 2004)




I am so very blessed

I know I must confess

When God gave me a mother

He gave me the very best


She hasn’t had an easy life

But always been a loving mother and wife

Always caring, always sharing

Often all our troubles bearing


I didn’t know then, but now I do

Sacrifices made, some things let go

So that my brothers and I, as we grew

Were so loved, that much we knew


She would come home from work

Dead on her feet

But she always made sure

We had something to eat

It wasn’t always fancy, but always was plenty

We never left the table

With our stomachs empty


She took care of our dad

When he felt so bad

She gave him the comfort no one else could

She was by his side till the end

We knew that she would


She’s been so much more than a mother to me

A friend, a confidante, always true

And always when I’m feeling blue

She has the words to say

A hug to give and she’ll always pray

To our Lord each and every day


So now you know why I must confess

When God gave me a mother

He gave me the best


(Dedicated to my loving mother by Sandra Owsley)