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In October of 2005, I made the decision to submit to mitochondrial DNA testing using Family Tree DNA. When I received my results, I was sure surprised to learn I am a descendant of the Uma Clan. I am not descended from one of the so-called seven (7) European daughters of Eve! The Uma Clan was said to have originated in the Zagros Mountains, which lie along the Iran and Iraq border, and started to move out of there about eight thousand years ago. It has been said that members of Uma's Clan have been found particularly in Turkey, Armenia, Syria and Iraq, although there are also members of her clan as far afield as Norway, Scotland, Denmark and Germany



HVR1: 16168T, 16274A, 16343G, 16519C 


FAMILY TREE DNA DESCRIPTION OF U3: The mitochondrial super-haplogroup U encompasses haplogroups U1-U7 and haplogroup K. Haplogroup U3 "Uma" is found distributed throughout Europe, appearing, for example, in higher frequencies in Sweden, Georgia, and Bulgaria, and is estimated to have originated more than 12,000 years ago. A sublineage of haplogroup U3 is found distributed in southeast Europe, and it has been suggested that this lineage was part of the Neolithic expansion bringing agriculture to Europe from the Near East




(1)  Floyd Leroy Owsley born 16-Nov-1953 ChattanoogaHamilton CountyTennessee md. 1981,  Karen Bowman born 25-Oct-1959 Chattanooga, Hamilton CountyTennessee 


(2)  Frankie Marie Hogan born 31-Jul-1932 Harrison, Hamilton CountyTennessee, died 7-Dec-2004ChattanoogaHamilton County, Tennessee, md. 1950, Eugene Berry Owsley born 3-Aug-1928 Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, died 16-Jul-1994, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee 


(3)  Eva Ealine McDaniel born 20-Oct-1904 Harrison, Hamilton CountyTennessee, died 5-May-1970 East Ridge, Hamilton CountyTennessee md. 1921,  Chester S. (Buck) Hogan born 7-Oct-1900 Hamilton County, Tennessee, died 19-Feb-1955 Ooltewah, Hamilton County, Tennessee 


(4)  Sarah Elizabeth Capps born 28-Mar-1864 Hamilton County, Tennessee, died 26-Oct-1922 Harrison, Hamilton County, Tennessee 

md. 1881,  George Oliver McDaniel born 4-Mar-1862 Hamilton County, Tennessee, died 26-Jul-1941 Harrison, Hamilton CountyTennessee 


(5)  Martha C. Alexander born 1-Oct-1832 Tennessee, died 15-May-1898 Harrison, Hamilton CountyTennessee md. 1862,  William Foster Capps born ABT 1845 Hamilton County, Tennessee, died 12-Mar-1864 Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee 


(6)  Elizabeth Conn born ABT 1792 Tennessee, died BEF 1870 Hamilton County, Tennessee 

md. 1815,  David L. Alexander born ABT 1791 Washington County, Virginia, died 1860 Hamilton County, Tennessee 


(7) Elizabeth ________ born ABT 1771 Pennsylvania, died BET 1840-1850 Tennessee 

md. BEF 1792,  Hugh Conn born BET 1760-1770 Virginia, died BET 1830-1839 Knox County, Tennessee


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