GENERATION A: John Owsley (Owslie) and Eme

John Owsley (Owslie).  He married Eme (Emma) ________, died -Sep-1592. John was born ABT 1524, and died -Aug-1592, Misterton, England.  John Owsley and his family lived in Misterton in beautiful and historic Somerset County. Not much is known of John Owsley, except he was the father of at least seven children. John had two sons named William. John's son, William Owsley of Axminster, named his brother, William Owsley of Shepton Beauchamp, in his will in 1593.  John Owsley was buried August 25, 1592, probably at Misterton, where his burial was there recorded in the church register. 


The Will of Eme Owslie:  "In the name of God, Amen. I, Eme Owslie, widow, the late wife of John Owslie of Misterton, husbandman, being sick in body, make my will...My body to be buried in the churchyard at Crewkerne. To my son, William Owslie, the elder, XXs[20]. To my son, William Owslie, the younger, Xs(10]. To my daughter Agnes XXs[20]. To my daughter, Elizabeth XXs [20]. To Alice Somerset,my servant...Residue to my son John Owslie. Witnesses: Mark Winter, Curat, John Partridge, William Sherlocks, John Chubb.  Eme Owslie died and was buried on September 17, 1592.  CHILDREN OF JOHN OWSLEY AND EME: 

I. John Owsley, born 1547, England. He married Agnes Farnham, 28-Oct-1589, in Misterton, died 1629. John died 1633.  

II. William Owsley of Shepton Beauchamp, born 1550, England, died -Jun-1630. William Owsley the Elder was the Vicar of Shepton Beauchamp. He was unmarried.  

III. Joan Owsley. She married John Slade, 6-Jul-1567, in South Perrott, Dorsetshire, died 1574. Joan died 1610. 

IV. Agnes Owsley. She married Christopher Minturne, 16-Nov-1574, in Misterton. 

V. William Owsley of Axminster, born BET 1555-1560, England. He married Mary ________. William died 1593, Axminster, Devon County, England.  

 VI. Elizabeth Owsley. She married John Greenway. Elizabeth died AFT 1627.  VII. Richard Owsley, born 1564. 




Pictures by Milancie Adams and Al Tietjen - 9/27/2001 

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