Knox County,Tennessee, July 25, 1838 - Knoxville Register Newspaper 




DIED: At the residence of David Alexander, his son, near Dallas, Hamilton County, Tennessee, on Friday 15th June, about 9 o'clock. WILLIAM ALEXANDER, aged about 89 years. 


He was born in the State of Pennsylvania, removed from there to the State of Virginia a short time before the war began. He there volunteered in the service of the United States, and served a faithful soldier during a great part of the war. Sometime after the Revolutionary war was over, he moved to Knox County, Tennessee, in which he has lived until a few months ago, he removed to Hamilton County, Tennessee with his son, and there died, after laboring under a long and painful disease. 

He was a professor in the Presbyterian Church for many years, and endeavored to live in conformity with the precepts of Christianity, a kind and affectionate father, a dutiful husband, and in short was one of the noblest works of God. He left many friends and relatives to mourn his departure; but blessed are they that die in the Lord.